Agnieszka Pilecka
    +48 602 369 140

about me

A woman shows a handbag. I’m a woman and she always accompanies me in my movements. Do not collect bags treat them as inseparable part of my life. He buys them accidentally somehow they find me and join together for some time. This time depends on the capacity of the bag because it fills daily putting things out there (some of them will never see sunlight). When the bag becomes so severe that it is difficult for me to wear it lands in the closet with the content (cuttings / wyrywkami newspaper – important concert tickets, arts, which I got and I could not, candy, pens, small tools, scrapers -as worn in winter, sunglasses, creams, etc..) This unearthed a few years handbag says a lot to me: what, where, when. Sometimes there are surprises like this when I found a small aparacik taken with mju series of non-developed photographs. In my life, I am accompanied by yet another handbag populated present.

Every day I try to write about what is now called. “Diary” – because it is the only thing that is put together in my life: crazy, unpredictable, wonderful. The Internet has become the continuation of a photo. Going through life, drumming with positive energy, which constantly accompanies me. And what I see and I experience I am trying to paint photographically.

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